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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Jun 28 14:00:05 GMT 2000

Matthew Geddes wrote:
> I have noticed that the permissions of the smbpasswd file 
> are set to rw to the owner only. Great idea. Does this 
> mean, though, that the only user who can add new accounts 
> is the person who owns this file (in my case, the 
> administrator) or does it mean that my domain admins group is
> not set up correctly? I can use smbpasswd to change the 
> passwords OK, but rpcclient does not enjoy changing 
> anyone's password (including the user I am logged in as).

I may be preaching to the choir here, but the 
password hashes in the smbpasswd file are plain text 
equivalents so the file should be rw- for root only.  To 
relax permissions is a security risk.

Have not played with changing passwords via rpcclient in 
a while, but my gut is that it should work.  What error 
messgae(s) do you get?

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