samba version release questions

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Wed Jun 28 13:59:01 GMT 2000

I suspect WINBIND requires a moderately functional RPC client library. So,
it probably depends on whether that will exist in 2.2 (I suspect not).


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"Mayers, Philip J" wrote:
> Does that include WINBIND, or just the 2.2 stuff 
> already mentioned?

Good question.

> If not, what is the chance of a standalone, 
> stable-ish winbind?

Is Tim Potter on this list?  Hmmm...well I guess not.

So far, no work has been done to back port winbind from 
HEAD to SAMBA_2_0.  IIRC winbind was slated for 3.0 as well.
I'll check with Tim and see what the deal is.

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