smbpasswd file

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Wed Jun 28 03:51:23 GMT 2000


I grabbed a cvs sometime in the last couple of days (it gets kind of
blurry after a couple of hours ;-)) and having compiled and installed
it, I have noticed that the permissions of the smbpasswd file are set to
rw to the owner only. Great idea. Does this mean, though, that the only
user who can add new accounts is the person who owns this file (in my
case, the administrator) or does it mean that my domain admins group is
not set up correctly? I can use smbpasswd to change the passwords OK,
but rpcclient does not enjoy changing anyone's password (including the
user I am logged in as).


Matthew Geddes
Network Manager
Xavier College
Gawler, SA

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