samba version release questions

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Wed Jun 28 03:46:52 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:
> > 3. will it provide domain controlling for 95/98/nt/2000
> > well enough that it can be used in an environment with NT
> > and allow our apps that use nt authentication to run
> > (they validate based on the domain)
> The PDC code is slated for 3.0.  We have a very full
> plate right now. :-\

Is there anything any of us 'normal' (not that I think Luke is
super-human or anything) people can do to help? We all get a great deal
from Samba and I believe that if there is stuff that can be done, a fair
few of us non-programmer types would gladly help.

Keep up the good work ;-)



Matthew Geddes
Network Manager
Xavier College
Gawler, SA

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