samba version release questions

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Jun 27 16:51:42 GMT 2000

Hayden Wimmer wrote:
> 1.  when will the next major samba version be released (so 
> far, i have heard october)?

We are shooting for Linuxworld in August.

> 2.  will it have win2k support (clients and servers)

Not as a Win2k DC.  It will continue to operate as a NT 
4 client if you have a Win2k DC operating in mixed mode.

> 3. will it provide domain controlling for 95/98/nt/2000 
> well enough that it can be used in an environment with NT 
> and allow our apps that use nt authentication to run 
> (they validate based on the domain)

The PDC code is slated for 3.0.  We have a very full 
plate right now. :-\

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