samba-tng 2.5 and 2.53 with win2k

Mon Jun 26 18:28:05 GMT 2000

Ok, I got roaming profiles and the login script to work with
samba-tng-2.5.  Once I got Samba working correctly and had all of the
daemons running, I decided to reboot my server and get everything functional
from bootup.  When I did this, I noticed that lsarpcd, samrd, and netlogond
were not loading.  I tried to do this manually and still had no success.  To
fix this, I upgraded from samba-tng-2.5 to
samba-tng-2.5.3.  To my suprise, those three daemons load with no problem.
But now, I can't access roaming profiles and my login script does not work.
Even the shares that should be offered by samba are not working.  I checked
the shares with smbclient and they work fine.  But the Win2K machine will
not see the profiles or anything any more.  The wierd thing is that I can
successfully join the domain from the Win2K machine.  

Anyone have any suggestions?

Tim Radigan

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