Time server problems

Pieter Grimmerink p.grimmerink at home.nl
Mon Jun 26 13:34:11 GMT 2000

What could be the reason for the following problems I'm experiencing
with samba-tng 2.5.3 as a pdc with 'time server = yes' :

running the logon script in a dosbox gives the following output:

C:\WINDOWS\Desktop>net time \\server /SET /YES
Current time at \\SERVER is 26-6-2000 13:24
                                  this is GMT, while the 'date' command
                                  displays the local time

Error 50: You attempted an operation that cannot be performed from your
computer or that is not supported on the specified server. Make sure you are
using the correct server for the command or task that you want to perform.
the problem persists, contact your network administrator.

The workstation is a win98 box.

I'm sure it worked before, don't know exactly at which tng version it went

Best regards,

Pieter Grimmerink

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