stability of 2.0.7 as pdc?

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Mon Jun 26 06:25:29 GMT 2000

Johan Östensson wrote:
> How stable is 2.0.7's domain-controlling function? I'm thinking of
> installing it on a small network I'm administring. And since I'm not there
> it *has* to go on for several weeks without problems... There has been no
> problem whatsoever with 2.0.6 (not as pdc though)
> /johan
> Johan Östensson
> johan.ostensson at (work)
> johan.ostensson at (home)

Samba 2.0.x does not officially support domain logons for Windows NT and
I believe there are a few issues with Windows 2000. I have run 2.0.6 as
a PDC for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4 quite successfully.

Hope it helps,


Matthew Geddes
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Xavier College
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