Fwd: Benchmark suite for Linux/Samba?!

Matthias Krawen admin at hans-bredow-institut.de
Thu Jun 22 09:32:03 GMT 2000

Hi !

>a little question from one of my colleagues:
> > does one of you know a goot benchmark suite for linux?
> >
> >
> > We need tests regarding systemperformance of a samba server.
> > The customer would like to see results of the musbus/kenbus test. Both
> > not available under linux, atleast I was not able to find them.

Don't know it this is what you need;


It's a benchmark for fileservers which is used by at leased several german 
"pc-pro-magazines". It's for Windows. Several Clients are simulating 
"officelike"-access to a fileserver. So you can compare several servers, 
and if you have access to, your server to tested servers eg at 

It's freeware.


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