Fwd: RE: How to set permissions correctly ?

Matthias Krawen admin at hans-bredow-institut.de
Thu Jun 22 09:25:13 GMT 2000

Hi Philip,

>I think the problem you're having is that Samba is setting the wrong
>permissions on files created. Do this:

>2) For the Projects

>chmod 2770 /whatever/Project1A
>Note, we've set the setgid bit on the directories above, so all the files
>create in that directory will have the directories group, not the user's
>primary group

That's it I think. Where can I find such additional attributes ? I only 
knew the suid-bit. man chmod doesn't explain this.

[...] Upps. Sorry. It is. Never had a look for this. Thx again.

>impossible to say. You'll need a good understanding of Unix permissions and
>                                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Thinks I have to get deeper into this than wrx :-)


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