ANNOUNCE: pam_pwexport, Unix->SMB password changes

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Wed Jun 21 19:23:51 GMT 2000

> For all you out there who use PAM-enabled Unix systems (that means most
> flavors of Linux and Solaris, and recently HP-UX, and possibly others I
> don't know about), you may wish to give this a shot:
> It sits and snoops whenever a user enters or changes a password through
> PAM, and sends the passwords off to be processed by an arbitrary
> PAM-unaware executable.  That means:
> * For all logins (ftp, ssh, telnet, pop3, etc) you can grab the
>   password and use it to populate your local smbpasswd file.  This is
>   akin to the smb.conf `update encrypted' option, useful for migration
>   from a Unix environment to a mixed Unix/NT environment.

I can't get to any of the samba mirrors or the archive so if this has been
answered please just let me know.

I've got a current setup of nt users running on samba 2.0.7 w/unencrypted
passwords (nt plain password hack). I also have A LOT of unix-only users
who never touch nt (but might someday)

I'd like to migrate to encrypted passwords, using this module to update
the samba database.

but my problem is account addition:
ie: my smbpasswd file has no users in it. So I need to add all the users
with the nopassword option. But then those accounts are more or less
exposed. And the old password never works to change it.

So how do I make the change take place from multiple remote linux clients.

I want every login to update the password in the smbpasswd file on a
certain system. Is this possible?


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