Logon Scripts

Chris Tooley ctooley at joslyn.org
Wed Jun 21 16:39:27 GMT 2000

Are these settings contained in the registry?  I think they are... and
if so it's pretty simple to make registry edits.

For instance to change the ip address of the the "DNS Server" for your
TCP/IP settings you would export:


to a file and edit the file.  Then put it somewhere you can get to it,
like the netlogon share with read accessibility.

If it were in the Netlogon share you would want to enter the following
command into your login script:

regedit /s \\SERVER\\Netlogon\MSTCP.reg

which would import the setting with whatever you change.  You can add
values this way as with others.

I'm not sure that the settings are stored in the registry or if they are
where but I would bet that's where they're at.

Good luck and be sure to reply to the mailing list so that other people
that would like to do this can benifit from this as well.

Chris Tooley

George Terziysky wrote:
> Exactly for IE,
> server: name.domain.com
> port: xxxx
> thanks
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> > What type of PROXY settings are you trying to set?  PROXY settings for
> > IE?
> >
> > Chris Tooley
> >
> > > George Terziysky wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > Can you tell me how can I set a PROXY settings from Logon Scripts
> > > for Win98 workstations
> > > I'm using RH6.2 smb 2.0.6 as Domain Server
> > >
> > > Thank you in advice

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