Logon Scripts

Valentin Pavlov v_valchev at prosyst.bg
Wed Jun 21 14:38:50 GMT 2000

In IE5->Tools->Options->Connection->LAN Setting->Use Automatic Configuration
Here is the help:
Provides a space for you to type an address (URL) or file name that will be
used to configure Internet Explorer. This file is created by your system
administrator to run Internet Explorer on your corporate system. The file
might include settings for Internet Explorer options, such as which home
page to use, or configuration settings for the proxy server. Each time you
start Internet Explorer, it will use those settings. The URL or location of
this file is provided to you by your system administrator

Ok, So create a file and put it in users home directory on samba server.
You should mount in your login script home directories of all users to
specified device letter
e.g Z:
All users should set Z:\ie_proxy.config for their configuration file.

There could be a better more elegant decision - just think about it.

Valentin Pavlov
System Administrator & Team Leader @ ProSyst Software AG

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