Syncing time with Samba... HOW? (TNG_2_5_GOOD)

psv psv at
Tue Jun 20 17:54:57 GMT 2000


Finaly I have running samba TNG_2_5_GOOD as domain controller for Win9x
and Win2k. But now I have problem with setting time on clients'.
When I run "net time \\linux" it return time in GMT and regardless of
timezone setting on workstation time (with "net time \\linux /set /yes")
will sets in this value.
On linux "date" shows time with right timezone/DST correction...
So, how to set workstation time in right way?
In my smb.conf among of other I have "time server = true" and have
expieremented with "time offset = nn". Last setting doesn't have any
visual effect when I check it with "net time" on local machine.

Thanks, in advance, Sergei.

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