move from CVS version to 2.0.7

Lars Kirkeskov Pedersen lkp at
Tue Jun 20 11:41:54 GMT 2000

Hi All

Forgive my ignorance, but this is really annoying me.

We have been running a prealpha of Samba for some months (8 or 9).
Some of the clients have been upgraded to Win2K and these clients
couldn't connect to the file shares, so we thought an upgrade would
be in place. 

Our Setup:

We are running a RH5.2 (with various upgrades and fixes) box as a
network server, configured to be PDC and fileserver for the domain
(All shares are on the server).
We then run 15 WinNT4.0 SP4-6a machines on the network with domain
logons. Recently we would like to transfer two IBM laptops to
Win2K (Don't ask, it's the marketing people!)

Now I would like a newer version of samba running as a PDC for the 
NT machines, and as a fileserver for the 2k machines. 

With 2.0.7 I succed in the filesharing for both NT and 2K, but
logging in to the NT machines on domain accounts raised multiple

1: Some machines said: user allowed to login interactively from 
this station.

2: Other machines just logged right in and created a new profile, 
not using the old profile allready on the system. (We dont use 
roving profiles).

In the user manager (under NT) all the old users show up as 

I thought it might be done to the secret SID, and tried to 
force it to use the old one to no avail.

After that I tried to rejoin a machine to the domain to get 
it to use the old profile, still to no avail.

So here is (at last) the question: 

How do I move from 2.1.0-prealpha (CVS version) to 2.0.7 
without messing up my profiles?

All ideas and insightfull answers would be appreciated. The 
network is rater small so even solutions which involve a bit of 
manual work will do for me.



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