How to set permissions correctly ?

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Tue Jun 20 10:50:31 GMT 2000

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A samba method has already been suggested. I propose a different method
based entirely on unix permissions (setgid):

>There are UserA, UserB, UserC, UserD
>There are following UnixGroups (can create more/other groups)
>norm  - UserA, UserB, UserC, UserD
>Team1 - UserA, UserB
>Team2 - UserB, UserC
>Team3 - UserA, UserC, UserD
>There are following share, containing following dirs
>[homes] - UserA, UserB, UserC
>[Projekt1] - Projekt1A, Projekt1B, Projekt1C
>Question 1 - How to accomplish:
>Homedirs generally read-only by owner. Exception \homes\UserA should be 
>full accessable by Team3. That means especially that files created by UserC 
>and UserD should be full accessable like files from UserA
chown UserA.Team3 /home/userA
chmod 2770 /home/userA

However, it's better not to use the homedir for such a thing, create
another dir for this purpose.

>Question 2 - How to accomplish:
>Projekt1A is owned by UserA.Team1, Team1 should have full access, esp. 
>create files so that full access is possible.
chown root.Team1 /path/Project1A
chmod 2770 /path/Project1A

In smb.conf you need
create mode = 2770
force create mode = 2770
directory mode = 2770
force directory mode = 2770
for that shares

All this is from memory and not tested :)

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