Windows Services for UNIX version 2

Michael C. Ferguson mcf at
Mon Jun 19 23:55:59 GMT 2000

> What *is* the current state of TNG. I know I have had my problems, but I
> think they are my fault ;-). I have also seen a bunch of "can't
> compile"s on the list. Anyone?

Well, until about 6/15 or so it was all working pretty well. I was having
some minor problems with IPC$ showing root's home dir instead of the user
I'd logged in as (?!?), and printing wasn't working too well (couldn't get
it to work at all -- although text and ps will print normally).

Currently CVS will compile, but domain logins (and probably other things?
spoolssd must be breaking something else?) are dysfunctional. Probably the
best current solution would be SAMBA_TNG_2_5_GOOD on cvs, as others have

-- mcf

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