TNG compiles, domain login fails

Michael C. Ferguson mcf at
Mon Jun 19 21:52:14 GMT 2000

    Ok, TNG compiles now, but 98 domain login is failing, and spoolssd is
apparently not starting (? I am unclear as to what this daemon does in the
first place... but it isn't in the process list anymore). I configured with
"--with-pam --with-smbmount --with-krb5=/usr/kerberos5". I'm running RH 6.2
on kernel 2.2.16.

    98 reports the standard "No login server .. blah blah .. or password is
not valid.." smb.log file says that the password did not match. Yes, I am
typing in the password correctly. I can provide log files at debug level 50
if needed.

-- mcf

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