User manager for Domains and 2.0.7 or TNG

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Mon Jun 19 17:48:22 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Shane" == Shane Machon <shane at> writes:

    Shane> Does anyone know if 2.0.7 or TNG supports the nexus
    Shane> microsoft Windows '98 utility. (Allows access to User
    Shane> manager for Domains etc..from a client) When i try to use
    Shane> it to under 2.0.7 connect to my server, it sees my domain,
    Shane> but i get an RPC error message.

AFAIK 2.0.x does not support enumeration of users and groups in a
domain context at all.  I have successfully used Hyena (a NT-based
domain administration tool) to examine a Samba-TNG domain.  I don't
know about Nexus, I have never tried it.

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