Windows Services for UNIX version 2

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at
Mon Jun 19 07:10:26 GMT 2000

"Wierzbicki, Ralf" wrote:
> I love it, no more password hassles.  Password sync with NIS+ is the only
> good thing about it, the rest is just the same like everything else
> MS produced; slow.
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> Subject: Windows Services for UNIX version 2
> Interesting....
> if we could see the code, wonder if perhaps MS used some Samba tools here?
> Windows Services for UNIX version 2

Doesn't Windows send a cleartext copy of the password across the LAN
when changing passwords? If so, the Unix password sync option in
smb.conf would be all you'd need. Although, I guess not everyone intends
to run Samba as a PDC.....


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