NT Domain to establish Trust with SAMBA

Gerry George ggeorge at digisolv.com
Sat Jun 17 15:13:12 GMT 2000

At 04:14 PM 6/16/00, you wrote:
>....  I need to establish a one-way trust
> > from Samba to the NT domain so that my users can be authenticated against
> > the NT domain.  I am NOT using the CVS branch.  Is this possible or do I
> > need CVS?  Note that there is no need for me to trust them
> > (NT).
>You need a CVS-version like 2.1 or higher (I don´t know which version)

I was afraid of that. :)

> > Optionally, can I simply choose to synchronize usernames & passwords
> > (yeech!) to achieve similar results?
>In which way:
>UNIX to NT:
I'm looking at changing the local (Samba) password to match the remote 
domain passwords whenever they are changed manually.  Can this be 
automated?  I don't think the users will be administering their own 
passwords.  It will be "handed down" from above.  I have no control over 
the remote domains (yet).

Thanks for the info though.

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