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Sat Jun 17 12:27:21 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Andre" == Andre Naehring <Andre_Naehring at> writes:

    Andre> Hello!  I´m looking for a good introduction how to use
    Andre> samba as a PDC. With my configuration I´ve got some little
    Andre> problems (Domainlogons are not working) an in my opinion I
    Andre> followed the instructions I found on the Website. For

Which website?  There is a domain FAQ at that applies to
TNG, and there is domain info at other locations that covers

    Andre> example, when I connect with the NT Servermanager to
    Andre> "Church" (which is my server) I can see that there is a
    Andre> share \\church\IPC$ which is shared on /tmp. Another

That is a special share that is used to send SMB requests to the Samba
server.  I believe the requests for opening shares and server-level
requests are sent through IPC$.  Every smb box (whether Unix, Windows
NT, 95, 98, LAN Manager or something else) has such a share.

    Andre> problem is, that samba will not create a SID for my domain
    Andre> (I think it must be MYSTERYLAND.SID), it always creates
    Andre> MACHINE.SID. THe used version of samba in this case is
    Andre> 2.0.7.

You've just answered your own question.  2.0.7 always calls it
MACHINE.SID, where as TNG uses DOMAIN.SID, where DOMAIN is (obviously)
the name of the domain you are controlling.

2.0's domain support is incomplete and deprecated; it additionally
does not support Windows 2000 domain members (it will support Windows
2000 for file and print, though).

    Andre> Does anyone have some usefull tips?

Alpha release 2.5 of Samba-TNG is known to be working wrt domain
logins, with some issues.  Most of these issues are covered in this
list's archives; I'm afraid I don't recall offhand what the issues are
apart from the fact that password chainging does not work, which means
that for a macnine to stay in a 2.5-controlled domain for more than a
week requires you to change the machine password change time to a
couple of years rather than a week.

    Andre> Another question: I am using Slackware 7.0, Kernel 2.2.16
    Andre> on an abit with two celeron 433MHz processors and I´ve
    Andre> downloaded the CVS-source yesterday. I was not able to
    Andre> compile it (smbd was not succesful).  Does anyone use the
    Andre> same configuration of software?

Please post the compile errors you get.  Hardware + distro info is not
enough to determine the cause.

    Andre> Thank you.

No problem.


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