WG: VBS-file encountered in your mail ....... (part 2)

Claus Färber list-samba-ntdom at faerber.muc.de
Fri Jun 16 15:54:00 GMT 2000

Rudolf Kollien <Rudolf.Kollien at kollien.de> schrieb/wrote:
> after analysing the rejected mail, we found this uucode included in the
> mails, which caused the reply to the list:

>> begin 666 LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs
>> I'm a signature virus. Copy me!
>> end
>> http://www.faerber.muc.de

This is not uuencoded data. Please fix your so-called virus scanner not  
to set off false alerts on legitimate signatures. (The Netiquette  
clearly allows 4 lines of arbitrary[!] text; if your software interprets  
that as anything else, it's broken.) Further, fix it not to send bounce  
messages to the list address.

If you want to block legitimate mail, you can of course do so but please  
don't disturb the list with notices about this.

However, I changed my signature in order not to have your system (and  
problably those of others too) cause too much harm to the mailing lists.  
But please remember that it's your system that's broken, not my  



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