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Buchan Milne bgmilne at
Fri Jun 16 18:51:34 GMT 2000

Don't you think this is a _REALLY_ bad place to post this. This list is
_NOT_ comp.os.linux.hardware, comp.protocols.smb (general samba stuff),
comp.os.linux.hardware or any other general linux-printing related

This is a mailing list that sends email to everyone on the list (unlike
a newsgroup where you can choose when you want to access non-urgent
messages), some people who have limited bandwidth but need to read posts
relating _ONLY_ to windows domain support in samba. 20-50 mails per day
is already too much for me too read !

Anyway, your best bet is the distributor of the unix you're using. In
the case of a linux that uses RPMs, you might be able to use Redhat's
printfilters and their printtool program (support all HP laserjets and
deskjets to some extent). Finding and installing the rpms which you get
from or you local redhat mirror is something you
will have to learn by reading man pages, HOWTOs, or an appropriate
newsgroup. If you are running a commercial unox, go ask them. If you are
using a different distro, ask the appropriate newsgroup. Another option
is using CUPS (search on

I'm sorry if you take the brunt of my pent up frustration to the many
unrelated posts that are on the mailing list.


P.S. Please do not post in HTML

"Jeffrey W. Hampson" wrote:

>  Hey all, maybe this is a little off the subject, but is there a place
> to get print drivers?or perhaps there is a good generic driver to use
> that is better than another?I only have HP printers if that
> helps.Thanks,Jeff

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