Get off my case!!!

Hugh Foster HughFoster at
Fri Jun 16 14:45:20 GMT 2000

I have only joined this list to try and resolve this problem!

I'm the email administrator for the Servisair domain, and one of our
ex-employees is subscribed to at least one of your mailing lists. Vast
numbers of messages are therefore dropping on me as the Inbound Failures

Please would you unsubscribe the address

martinpowell at

>From all mailing lists under your control, as this is no longer a valid
email address.


Your web site is of no use, there's no administrator's mailbox address and
samba-bugs doesn't work. Will you PLEASE delete this man from your list as
I'm sick and tired of 50+ duff messages a day. You must be getting bounces
from these; why haven't you already done something?

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