samba-2.0.7-20000425 as PDC

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Thu Jun 15 23:15:03 GMT 2000

At 05:18 AM 16/06/2000 +1000, Gerald Carter wrote:
>Magnus Hinzke wrote:
>>       But I couldn't find any documentation on that options ...
>>       Can anyone help me out about the syntax of these options or tell
>>       my how to do it right. In the Samba NT Domain FAQ is also talked
>>       about the map files ...
>They are not implemented in 2.0.x.  See the smb.conf man page 
>in 2.0.x for 'domain admin users' and 'domain admin group'

Gerald, unless I am mistaken, the entry in smb.conf man pages tell the
reader to join this mailing list. Thats why I put a couple of web pages
together on the subject. See :
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