samba-2.0.7-20000425 as PDC

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Thu Jun 15 22:01:13 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Carter <gcarter at> writes:

    Gerald> Magnus Hinzke wrote:
    >> But I couldn't find any documentation on that options ...
    >> Can anyone help me out about the syntax of these options or tell
    >> my how to do it right. In the Samba NT Domain FAQ is also talked
    >> about the map files ...

    Gerald> They are not implemented in 2.0.x.  See the smb.conf man page 
    Gerald> in 2.0.x for 'domain admin users' and 'domain admin group'

For completeness, please note that the map options *are* in Samba TNG.


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