NT Domain to establish Trust with SAMBA

Gerry George ggeorge at digisolv.com
Thu Jun 15 19:48:06 GMT 2000

I have one ( and soon to have many more) SAMBA networks established.   It 
is connected via a WAN link to a NT-Based domain (NT4).  Some of my Samba 
users need to access the NT domain.  I need to establish a one-way trust 
from Samba to the NT domain so that my users can be authenticated against 
the NT domain.  I am NOT using the CVS branch.  Is this possible or do I 
need CVS?  Note that there is no need for me to trust them 
(NT).  Optionally, can I simply choose to synchronize usernames & passwords 
(yeech!) to achieve similar results?

G. George
Gerry E. George  <ggeorge at digisolv.com>
Information Technology Specialist,
DigiSolv, Inc.


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