samba-2.0.7-20000425 as PDC

Magnus Hinzke mhinzke at
Thu Jun 15 18:38:58 GMT 2000


      I'm tring to configure my samba to act as PDC. At the moment all
      works fine, but I have a big problem to set an domain admin or to
      set domain users to an Windows NT Group. In my book "Using
      samba" is talked about the option "domain group map" and so on,
      but these option aren't working in my smb.conf I can only use
      the options:
      domain groups
      domain admin group

      But I couldn't find any documentation on that options ...
      Can anyone help me out about the syntax of these options or tell
      my how to do it right. In the Samba NT Domain FAQ is also talked
      about the map files ...

      Hope somebody understand me (*g*) and can help me!

      Magnus Hinzke

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