PDC & 2.0.7 ...

C.Lee Taylor lee.taylor at scania.co.za
Thu Jun 15 07:11:43 GMT 2000

> >     mmm ... seems that I have not stated my concerns ... Yes, my Win9x
> > clients are authing against 2.0.7, so it's been used as PDC for Win9x,
> > if I understand it, WinNT servers can't auth client connections, so
> > attaching to WinNT need to have accounts on NT server ... right? ...
> Correct, unless you use Samba TNG (The Next Generation) Alpha versions.

    Okay, maybe not so true, but I have problems.  I was able to get my two
new NT servers to join the domain after much kicking and screaming ...
cursing at M$ and all they where putting me through.  I found out the hard
way how to get an NT box to join a 2.0.7 domain.

    Step one create a Unix user for the machine account.  Making sure that
you remember to add the user with Caps ... i.e. ...
        adduser SQLSERVER$
    Step two create a Samba user for the machine account. Again making sure
that you remember to add the user with Caps ... i.e. ...
        smbpasswd -a -m SQLSERVER$
    Step three, set your NT box Computer name to the Samba Machine name.
i.e. SQLSERVER ... and your domain to what ever you have called your domain
( or workgroup as the doc's explain ).

    Now I am able to log onto my NT Box's using the domain, user name and
password.  Great all seems to work well, but now I have to reinstall
Terminal Server and SQL Server because there SID's ( I think ) is all
confused ... so here goes.

    If any body has any more comments on this please feel free to put your
$0.02 worth in ... in SA it's worth a lot more ...

Thanks again to everybody including the Samba Dev team and our little helps
who all have something worthy to say ...

C.Lee Taylor

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