Hooking up

David Hawke dvh at gtech.co.nz
Wed Jun 14 20:02:13 GMT 2000

The "file exists" error SEEMS to be NT host specific - ie, one of my systems
does it to whichever samba host it is connected to.

The message is in fact something like
"Cannot copy showact2(1): The file exists"
The important bit is the (1) - ie, it seems that it is making the copy with
a temporary name

The same host occasionally has problems bulk copying across its own drives -
it often brings up the "file exists, overwrite" style of message when the
file didn't exist on the target initially.

It seems to me that NT is getting out of sync in terms of the copy process.

FYI, the same samba hosts are accessed with no problems from other NT hosts

David H

PS - it particularly shows up with downloads from the net

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> Another oddity..
> Whilst on a Windows client in this configuration and the Linux
> directory has
> a file
> showact.exe and I attempt to copy from the windows machine a file
> SHOWACT2.exe I get a messgae
> "Cannot copy showact2: The file exists". The case above is correct.
> Other variants produce similar results.
> Mike Westkamper wrote:
> > As long-time lurker here with a couple of successful installs I thought
> > this one would be a breeze. No so.
> > I have the RedHat 6.1 distribution set up on an Intel box. SAMBA 2.0.6
> > is configured as a member of an NT domain. The PDC is a NT 4.0(sp5) box.
> > I followed the HOWTO on SAMBA.org web site for setting up SAMBA as a
> > member. From the Linux system it reports that it joined the domain. From
> > command line on an NT system I can NET USE the share (NET USE K:
> > \\\public) and read access the files in the share.
> >
> > Three problems...
> >
> > 1.    The PDC server manager reports "Network path not found" when I
> > attempt to look at the Linux/SAMBA Server.
> > 2.    The Linux/SAMBA box does not appear on browse (Network) desktop
> > folders on any NT boxes
> > 3.    I cannot seem to write onto the shared drive.
> >
> > Any ideas will be appreciated...
> >
> > Mike Westkamper

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