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Mike Westkamper mjwestkamper at weiinc.com
Wed Jun 14 19:09:50 GMT 2000

Another oddity..

Whilst on a Windows client in this configuration and the Linux directory has
a file
showact.exe and I attempt to copy from the windows machine a file
SHOWACT2.exe I get a messgae
"Cannot copy showact2: The file exists". The case above is correct.

Other variants produce similar results.

Mike Westkamper wrote:

> As long-time lurker here with a couple of successful installs I thought
> this one would be a breeze. No so.
> I have the RedHat 6.1 distribution set up on an Intel box. SAMBA 2.0.6
> is configured as a member of an NT domain. The PDC is a NT 4.0(sp5) box.
> I followed the HOWTO on SAMBA.org web site for setting up SAMBA as a
> member. From the Linux system it reports that it joined the domain. From
> command line on an NT system I can NET USE the share (NET USE K:
> \\\public) and read access the files in the share.
> Three problems...
> 1.    The PDC server manager reports "Network path not found" when I
> attempt to look at the Linux/SAMBA Server.
> 2.    The Linux/SAMBA box does not appear on browse (Network) desktop
> folders on any NT boxes
> 3.    I cannot seem to write onto the shared drive.
> Any ideas will be appreciated...
> Mike Westkamper

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