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I have had a look at setting Samba up as a PDC.
Find attached a config file.
There are a few steps do to in adding servers to the domain.
You will have to create computer accouts on the Domain controller.
I have tested this with a NT member server. I will have a go at NT as a BDC,
I have read the documentation and it seems as if it is not supported it the
ver of samba that I have yet.
But to create a computer account on a Samba PDC do the following.
somehow you need the user root$ in samba to join domains.
I created the user in samba by specifying smbadduser root:root$
I don't know if you need root rights but it works fine.
You can set the smbpassword to what you like.
When you add a NT server select create account and specify root$ and the
password. For some reason no other user works here, it will pop up with dr

To create the computer account do the following:
adduser [netbios name of the server]$
you have to create the account with the netbiosname followed by a $ sign.
now smbadduser [netbiosname$]:[netbiosname$]
Don't use the netbiosname with a $ sign when setting the password.
smbpasswd -m netbiosname

the -m swith specifies that you are setting an account password.
Make sure that the password is the netbios name, it will not work if you set
any other password.

Best Regards
Freddie Kotze

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Dear Freddie,

Thank you for your advice and the attached config script.
However, I am not at the stage of configuring my Samba server, mole as a
member of a Windows domain. Instead, I want it to be the PDC in a Windows
domain, completely replacing a Windows NT PDC machine.  That's why I set
security = 'user', rather than 'server' or 'domain'.  From your smb.conf
file, I can see a machine called 'ranora1' acting as a password server,
IS IT A SAMBA SERVER or a Windows NT server?  If it is a Samba one, would
mind send to me  a copy of the a smb.conf file on ranora1?  Anyway, your
advice will be definitely useful to me when I come to further stages of
configuring Samba.

Many thanks.


"Kotze,Freddie,RANDBURG,MIS" wrote:

> Here is my SMB.conf file.
> Have a look.
> I user domain auchentication for the users.
> I do not get the problems that you have.
> Have a look maybe you can find something usefull in here.
> How did you configure samba ?
> You can try to use SWAT. it helps a lot if you have problems.
> You can enable it if you edit the /etc/inetd.conf
> remove the # from the swat line. It will probably be at the bottom of the
> file.
> You can then access it with a web browser by http://servername:901
> Works very nice.
> Another way to config samba is by loading webmin on the server.
> Webbased admin. SWAT only configured SAMBA and is build it. Where you can
> download webmin from www.webmin.com it configs everything on linux.
>  <<smb.conf>>
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