SMB LM/NT Password did not match! :-(

psv comm at
Tue Jun 13 12:43:53 GMT 2000


How to fix subj?
I use samba-TNG 2.5 on RH 6.2 with 2.2.14-12 (i686).
I can't log in my samba PDC, though I follow all instructions in Samba
I get subj even after recreating users and workstations.
What I should check?

My smb.conf is attached.

With hope on solution, Sergey.
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#NetBIOS name isn't needed if it's the same as the hostname 
debug level = 3
netbios name = LINUX
workgroup = TGS_TTG

#flat files that map Unix groups to NT type groups. 
#these files take the form unix_group = `Windows NT group'' 
domain group map = /usr/local/samba/private/ 
domain alias map = /usr/local/samba/private/ 

#Domain controllers use user security and we need encrypted 
#passwords (see ENCRYPTION.txt) 
security = user 
domain logons = yes 
encrypt passwords = yes 

#And in order for us to be *sure* to win browser elections 
os level = 255
domain master = yes 
preferred master = yes 
local master = yes 

#WINS is the equivalent of DNS for NetBIOS. 
wins support = yes 

time server = yes 

#the next lines are equivalent to the various profile details 
#found in NT's User Manager 
logon script = login.bat 
logon drive = U: 
logon home = \\LINUX\%U
logon path = \\LINUX\profile\%U


#share all home directories 
browseable = no 
writable = yes 
comment = Users' home directories 

#set up netlogon share for system policies and login scripts 
path = /home/netlogon 
writable = no 
guest ok = no 
comment = PDC netlogon share 

#the profiles share
#to create automatic subdirs for the different users
#chmod 1777 /opt/samba-tng/profile
path = /home/profile
writeable = yes

#a public share 
path = /home/samba 
browseable = yes 
public = yes 
comment = Public share 

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