problem with samba an windows 2000

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Jun 12 23:36:44 GMT 2000

Ralf Huelsmann wrote:
> hi !
> i´m working on setting up a pdc who can serv w2k-clients.
> since i had good expirience with suse 6.3 and the samba on it,
> it tried that.  no luck... ok, just put the samba 2.0.7 on it 
> and the type of error message changed..

1.2. Can I have a Windows 2000 client logon to a Samba 
controlled domain?

The 2.0.x release branch of Samba does not support Windows 2000 
domain clients. In fact, about the only the the 2.0.x branch 
does support (and this is unofficial) is a domain logon from 
Windows NT 3.51 / 4.0 clients. If you need more functionality 
than this, you should look at the other Samba development 
branches. (see Q1.3)? 

1.3 What are the different Samba branches available in 
CVS and what do they mean?

Note that you can find out more about obtaining Samba's 
course code via anonymous CVS from 

There are basically four branches to watch (I know four 
code branches is a lot): 

	Samba 3.0; this code boasts all the main development work 
	in Samba with the exception of the Samba PDC 
	implementation. Two things that	most people are not 
	aware of which live in the HEAD branch code are 
	* The winbind NSS module 
        * Tim Potter's VFS implementation 
	This branch contains the updates between the latest 
	stable code release and the upcoming release. Code is 
	back ported from HEAD to here.  This branch currently 
	contains the code to become Samba 2.2.0. 
	The actual code released in the current stable 
	source distribution. It provides the Samba developers 
	with a reference point and frozen code base to view in CVS. 
	The branch contains the bleeding edge developments in 
	the Samba PDC implementation. If you want to find out 
	more about about Samba TNG, please refer to The 
	SAMBA_TNG FAQ maintained by Lars Kneschke. 

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