problem with samba an windows 2000

Ralf Huelsmann r_huelsmann at
Mon Jun 12 22:31:07 GMT 2000

hi !

i´m working on setting up a pdc who can serv w2k-clients.
since i had good expirience with suse 6.3 and the samba on it,
it tried that.  no luck... ok, just put the samba 2.0.7 on it and the type
of error message changed..

now i get a "die angegebenen anmeldeinfomationen stehen mit den vorhandenen
anmeldeinformationen in konflikt".. what means, taht my logon-infomartion
doesn´t seem to be korrekt.

there´s no entry in the logs on standard debug level (realy, 0 entry)

in my opinion, that doesn´t seem to bad... maybe there´s realy something
wroung with a account.. ?!?

- what should i check ?
- has someone allready set up a pdc with w2k-clients ?
- can anyone give a step by step checklist what to do, after the  smb.conf
should be ok an samba is running (i mean, wich accounts to set up...
anything else to do?) in a pdc ?


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