pam_smbpasswd (was: passwords)

Claus Färber list-samba-ntdom at
Mon Jun 12 11:30:00 GMT 2000

Andrea Zolnhofer & Michael Ott <ZolnOtt at> schrieb/wrote:
>> 2. How to achieve synchronization between regular Unix and Samba
>> password later (I know for Samba->Unix password synchronization, but what
>> about reverse side)?
> look at (smb.conf):
> unix passwd sync
> passwd chat
> passwd chat debug

Wrong answer. Please read the question. The best solution IMO is using  
pam_smbpasswd (ie completly replacing /etc/shadow by /etc/smbpasswd).  
However, I wasn't able to find a working/compileable version, especially  
as the CVS dir on is empty.


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