Vladimir Stavrinov vs at
Sun Jun 11 10:33:20 GMT 2000

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Kevin Colby wrote:

> IIRC, wasn't the problem of not disconnecting home a client issue
> that affects all shares--not just home?  Would that have ramifications
> for something like this?

When user logof his homes disconnect as it should does, but reconnecting
again immediately (be sure after 1 minute). If You have preexec in home it
will be executed in this case that is not good.

The netlogon left connected for a 20 minute after logon, and if then
current user logof, next user logon before this period expire, netlogon
will not be reconnected (remain connected from previous user). If there
are preexec in netlogon it will not be executed for this user, that
already is very bad.

Only these two shares have this "features", while all others "normal"
shares should working correctly. But ordinary shares are not necessarily
connecting within session and as so are not suitable for "session"

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