When will the links be fixed on the samba web page?

Andrea Zolnhofer & Michael Ott ZolnOtt at t-online.de
Sun Jun 11 05:31:41 GMT 2000


I hope, that I can help you a little bit.

I do not know, whether it exists a Howto.

I try to give you some answers.

1. Make an users without a passwd, who named like the <name> of the WinNt-PC
in /etc/passwd it looks like this:
<name>$:*:10000:1000:WinNT trust account:/dev/null:/bin/false
The best way is to write it directly into your passwd-file

2. /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -a -m <name>

That´s all on your samba-server

Than you go to your WinNT-pc and connect your samba-server-domain

Note: This are only the steps to connect a domain. I do not say anything about
the rest like smb.conf

Bye Michael
> I trying to get samba up and working as a PDC and I am having not able to access many of the links on the samba web page.  I am hoping to not have to ask all of you a lot of stupid questions that have been answered a lot of times already.
> Are there any good step by step how-to's on setting samba as PDC?

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