Using copying time vice file time (fwd)

iddwb David.Bear at
Fri Jun 9 21:37:16 GMT 2000

here's some strangeness regarding file data/time stamps.  We're using
2.0.7.. The file copy operation is done from an NT 4 machine using
explorer.. Any thoughts?

I copied the file 2305plat.cdr to P:\schneid-A\2305 and instead of using
the date/time of the file (5/8/2000 1:35) it became 6/9/2000 1:39, the
time I copied it. I backed up some other files to Schneid-I\2730 three
of which were named 2730book.vp (6/9/2000 9:21), selfig02.cdr (6/9/2000
10:35) and dustin.rtf (6/9/2000 9:21) and they all three retained their
correct times.

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