sys - Domain Admins

Andrea Zolnhofer & Michael Ott ZolnOtt at
Fri Jun 9 19:01:35 GMT 2000

Hi Gildas!

It does not work with username map!

First, you have to organize a higher version of your samba (like tng-2.1)
Than you must use domain group map and domain user map

I hope, that I can help you a little bit


> Hi,
> Sure this question have already be posted...
> How can I make a correspondence between the "sys" group of Linux and the
> "Domain Admins" group of Samba ?
> I 'have a file where I have placed root="adminstrateur"
> and another file where i have placed sys = "Domain Admins"
> for the first file,  in my smb.conf  I use : 
> username map =
> But I don't know what to use for the second file.
> Is anybody has a solution ?
> Gildas

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