PDC & 2.0.7 ...

C.Lee Taylor lee.taylor at scania.co.za
Fri Jun 9 15:17:07 GMT 2000

> >     We ran Samba 2.0.5 then upgraded to 2.0.6 and then to 2.0.7 without
> > problems and have been very happy with what we have been able to do with
> > system, up until now.  We are install two NT 4.0 Server.   One to run
> > and the other to Run Terminal Server on.  Now this is not the problem,
but I
> > don't want to move our user base onto either of these server.  I would
> > to have authentication still to be run from the Samba server and not
> > NT server so that I still have control of the user password for other
> > functions like e-mail and so on.
> >
> >     Is it possible for me to get my 2.0.7 Samba server to auth for all
> > systems like a PDC or am I going to have to try and run TNG and 2.0.7
> > together.  TNG for PDC functions and 2.0.7 for File/Printer services?
> I don't really know what you mean, but if you want your Samba station to
> act as a PDC, this is possible with 2.0.7, and if you want to authenticate
> users for your samba shares from another PDC, this is also possible.
> But both of this is documented. Just search.

    mmm ... seems that I have not stated my concerns ... Yes, my Win9x
clients are authing against 2.0.7, so it's been used as PDC for Win9x, but
if I understand it, WinNT servers can't auth client connections, so clients
attaching to WinNT need to have accounts on NT server ... right? ...

C.Lee Taylor

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