PDC & 2.0.7 ...

C.Lee Taylor lee.taylor at scania.co.za
Fri Jun 9 12:00:19 GMT 2000

Hi ...

    I know that this has been ask time & time again in one form or another,
I know because I have  been recieveing messgesa from this list for a year
and have saved most of the messges ( over 5000 ), but I am unable to answer
my question going through them or the documentation I have been able to

    We ran Samba 2.0.5 then upgraded to 2.0.6 and then to 2.0.7 without any
problems and have been very happy with what we have been able to do with our
system, up until now.  We are install two NT 4.0 Server.   One to run SQL 7
and the other to Run Terminal Server on.  Now this is not the problem, but I
don't want to move our user base onto either of these server.  I would like
to have authentication still to be run from the Samba server and not ether
NT server so that I still have control of the user password for other
functions like e-mail and so on.

    Is it possible for me to get my 2.0.7 Samba server to auth for all my
systems like a PDC or am I going to have to try and run TNG and 2.0.7
together.  TNG for PDC functions and 2.0.7 for File/Printer services? ...

    One other question, is there a way to get NT to stop reporting that
Samba's LIC stuff is not running ... I keep getting messges in the

Thanks in advance for all your replys.

C.Lee Taylor

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