passwords & smbfs mounting

Aleksandar B. Samardzic a.samardzic at
Thu Jun 8 14:30:29 GMT 2000

I guess following questions are asked zillion times before, but someone
should really fix up this link...


Samba TNG-2.5 on RedHat Linux 6.2 box acting as PDC for network of
WinNT/Win2K workstations.

1. How to create samba passwords from /etc/passwd (more than 1000 entries
there)? How to achieve synchronization between regular Unix and Samba
password later (I know for Samba->Unix password synchronization, but what
about reverse side)? Is it possible to change Samba password from Linux box
(when I try this now, I receive "The system cannot change your password
because the domain MYDOMAIN is not available")?

2. What is necessary to do after clean Samba TNG-2.5 installation in order
to be able to mount Windows shares on Linux machine? I suppose that actually
something should be done during the installation and I've tried to
use --with-smbwrapper and --with-smbmount flags, but in first case
compilation failed and in second case seems like nothing changed after
applying the flag.


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