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Thu Jun 8 01:40:33 GMT 2000

At 11:33 AM 08/06/2000 +1000, Inviziblehand wrote:
>   Hi,   I have a linux server being used as Primery Domain  Controller.It
>was configured by someone.   I need some information on how can I make a
>DOmain  USer the administrator of local machine.When I try to add a user to
>local domain  admin group it does not show me this user.How do I add this
>user .Please let me  know on the samba congug side.   Regards,

Sanjay, depends on what version of Samba you are have there. If you are
using the current TNG see If
its Samba 2.0.x main stream see some notes that I have posted at and if its the old NTdom head version
from last year, its pretty similar to TNG (???).

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