2.0.7 PDC Woes

Chris Tooley ctooley at joslyn.org
Wed Jun 7 16:28:04 GMT 2000

I'm trying to create a new PDC for a bunch of Win 9x clients.  I've
finally got the conversion from the old machine to the new machine
completely automated.  However, I now cannot get the new machince to
accept logins.  Something is obviously wrong with that. I'm using RedHat
6.2 with Software-RAID on the drives.  Everything is under / so it
shouldn't be out of room (besides theres 19 gig of free space.  It's
Samba-2.0.7 from the tarball not the RPM.  I did no special compiling
instructions.  I've attached my smb.conf and will attach the log.smb and 
machine.joslyn.org.log files to another e-mail.  If I attach everything
to this e-mail I get the message back with a note that it is too big for
the mailing list.

If anyone can take a look at the problem and let me know what I'm doing
wrong I'd greatly appreciate it.

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