Rebooting from netlogon script

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Tue Jun 6 23:44:17 GMT 2000

Well, this shuts down the machine at least.  Is there somewhere I can learn more about what I can
pass to rundll32.exe?  BTW the only part that is case sensitive is the "ExitWindows" part.

Thank you very much for your help.

Chris Tooley

Osama Abu-Aish wrote:

> Am 7 Jun 00, um 2:24 Uhr schrieb Jeffrey W. Hampson zum Thema RE: Rebooting from netlogon script:
> Dazu meine Meinung:
> > Is there a command I can run to get some Win 9x boxes to reboot from a
> > netlogon script?
> You could try the following line:
> Rundll32.exe user,ExitWindows
> Note that the command is case-sensitive and no additional spaces
> are allowed!
> Hope this helps,
> Osama
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