PDC user authentication

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Wed Jun 7 20:55:04 GMT 2000

> Dear all Samba Gurus,
> Recently, I have looked into the possibility of the complete replacement
> of NT4 server by deploying Samba.
> As an experiment, I am trying to configure a Linux box running Debian
> Potato with kernel 2.2.15 as a Samba server, which will eventually
> emulate a NT PDC.  On top of that, I am running NT4 workstation client
> by using VMware 2.0.
> I first started with the latest production version 2.0.7a, but
> encountered some problems when came to the PDC implementation.  After
> consulting some resources from books (e.g. Using Samba, O'Reilly) and
> several web sites (e.g. http://www.ping.be/linux-and-samba/ ), I decided
> to get the latest development version from the cvs site of samba.org so
> as to get the best PDC support.  The one I've got is
> 'release-alpha-2-5-3'.  The source codes have been successfully
> compiled.  Although I could make the NT domain logon live,  the same
> problems persist.
> There are two main problems:
> 1./  When different users has been logged in and out of the NT client,
> the late users can actually browse the home directories of the previous
> ones;
> 2./  When a user logs in, an error message pops up saying 'The operating
> system was unable to create profile directory \\mole\Profiles\%U.pds.
> You will be logged on with a local profile only....'.  This looks like
> something is wrong with the logon path in the [global] section or the
> path specified in the [Profiles] service.

2.5.3 is known to be broken. The most "stable" TNG version seems to be 2.5,
although I got some horrible problems with it (and replaced it back with
2.0.7 ....)
(It did never run stable for more than 1 week ... last week no user could
log on
anymorer, even if I did delete/re-create it, got something like
"WARNING: infinite loop in lsarpcd !" in the logfiles.)

So .. don't put TNG in a production enviroment. Its not quite ready yet.


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