Using TNG

Rostedt, Steven steven.rostedt at
Tue Jun 6 16:35:28 GMT 2000


I've been using Samba for a while but I'm new to the TNG branch.

I checked out the site:
And it has lots of useful information but it doesn't quite help me
to understand everything.

For example, is there documentation on all the daemons that
are used...  lsarpcd, samrd, etc.

Also I'm trying to set up trust accounts, and I'm not sure
how to use the smb.conf options for this.  Is there someplace
I can read up on this, without having to read the code.

I'm also confused on how to use samedit, since the help
doesn't really explain much. Is there a man-page for it?

I know this is still in alpha state, and documentation is scarce
but I was hoping for something to use.



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