Rebooting from netlogon script

Jeffrey W. Hampson jwhamps at
Tue Jun 6 16:30:05 GMT 2000

is there anything in the Win9x resource kits?
else may want to search for something similar in
sometimes I've found some good freeware that suits my purpose

Jeff Hampson

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I tried the shutdown.exe (Thank you Torsten for sending it to me) with Win
9x.  Of
course it didn't work and I'm still at square one.  If anyone has any ideas
I would
greatly appreciate it.  There are a lot of tools out there that reboot via a
little gui interface but it seems such a waste to me to do this and make the
reboot their own machine.

Chris Tooley

Torsten.Werner at wrote:

> Hi,
> the NT resource kit contains a shutdown.exe. I've never tried it with 95,
> should test it. When you put the program in the netlogon share is it
> without path in logon scripts. In case yo don't have it, send me a
> Torsten
> Chris Tooley <ctooley at> on 02.06.2000 21:03:14
> Please respond to ctooley at
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> Subject:  Rebooting from netlogon script
> Is there a command I can run to get some Win 9x boxes to reboot from a
> netlogon script?
> Chris Tooley

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